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{*|/S-C-S\|*} Magic the Gathering

rebelliousuno wrote in scs_magic
So quite a few of us have or are constructing EDH decks, and so I thought I'd direct interested parties to the rules and reprint here the rules and current banned list

Rules Site
EDH RulesCollapse )

So for TL;DR

Choose a Legendary creature to act as your general
Your deck may only contain mana symbols which appear in your General's mana cost (any where on the cards. Hybrid cards may only be used if both colours appear in your general)
You have 100 cards in your deck including the General
Aside from basic lands no 2 cards may have the same English name

Players start with 40 life
Generals are placed in the command zone
Generals may be played from the Command zone
Each time beyond the first the general costs an extra 2
If the general would be placed into the Exiled zone or the graveyard you may move it to the command zone as a replacement.

If you take more than 21 combat damage from a particular general you lose.

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